Tenant Improvement Client List

Off Madison Ave - 11,000 SF

Alliance Bank Corporate Office, Phoenix  12,000 SF
The Business Journal at 101 North 8,000 SF

Honeywell at Kierland Corporate Center 

20,000 SF
Malcolm Pirnie at East Gateway Center26,000 SF
Biltmore Cardiology at The Centre12,000 SF
Woodside Homes at Agave Center  13,000 SF
Ryland Homes at Agave Center 20,000 SF

Minard Aimes at East Gateway Center  7,900 SF
Fuller Theological at East Gateway Center  3,000 SF
Long technical College  19,000 SF
ACS at 101 North 30,000 SF
Continental Promotions Group in Tempe  50,000 SF
Spirit Financial at The Acoma Building 7,000 SF
Pediatrics/Obstetrics at 24th and Highland 18,700 SF
Gannett Flemming at 24th & Highland  10,600 SF
David Evans at Park One 32,000 SF
DL Engineering at Meridian Bank Tower  15,000 SF
March of Dimes at Meridian Bank Tower4,800 SF
MedAire at Hayden Ferry Lakeside 21,500 SF
Morrison Maierly at Hayden Ferry Lakeside13,800 SF
Axis Mortgage at Financial Plaza   15,000 SF
DeVry at Financial Plaza  9,700 SF
Met Life at Financial Plaza13,000 SF
Winsor Law at Financial Plaza9,000 SF