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Office Condos FAQs

Do you have photos of your work?
Yes. Visit the Portfolio section of the Web site to view photographs of some of the office condo projects we’ve completed.

When will you have my space plan completed?
The typical turnaround time is about one week.

Do I need to hire an architect?
Yes. All tenant improvements require a permit, thereby an architect. DFDia offers full-service interior architecture and design services which cover both the technical and aesthetic components of a project.

Shea Commercial Lobby

Do you have contractors you can recommend?
Yes. Over the years, we’ve established strong professional relationships with some of the best contractors in the business. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with a contractor familiar with your project type.

What are your fees?
Fees vary depending on the complexity and scope of a project. If you have questions about our fee structure, please feel free to call us at 602.381.4850.

What is the timing to prepare drawings to get my permit?
Generally, for anything under 5,000 square feet, the following time estimates apply:

Space Plan: 2-3 weeks; Design: 2-4 weeks; Construction Documents: 6 weeks.

Keep in mind that plan review times vary by municipality.

Will you meet with me evenings or weekends?
Evenings and weekends are best spent with family and friends, so we do our best to avoid circumstances where you or we have to conduct business during those times.

Will you come to my office or home to meet?
We ask that our first meeting be conducted in our offices, where we have the tools and resources to fully explain our services. After the initial visit, we’re flexible.

Are there any other trades/people I need to hire?
Yes. You’ll have to hire a general contractor and communications vendor. You’ll also have to consider furniture procurement and movers.

Can I act as my own general contractor?
Unless general contracting is your professional trade, we’d say no.

Do you submit my drawings to the city for me?
Yes, it’s generally included in the project scope.

Do I need more than one restroom?
The number of required restrooms depends on occupancy. If there are more than 15 employees, restrooms are required for both genders.