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Interior Architecture

The adage “form follows function” aligns perfectly with interior space. Primary to any design endeavor is a lucid understanding of purpose. From that foundation, the space takes form. Angles, colors, fixtures – all design elements – work collaboratively to accomplish a common goal: function.

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Function is like a fingerprint … it differs from business to business. We bring definition to the ridges and valleys that comprise your business’ fingerprint. To top it off, we give you more than a functional interior space that makes your business operations run seamlessly – it looks good, too.

DFDia comprises the largest commercial interiors firm in Arizona. Fully qualified and cross-trained teams of interior architects, designers, space planners and facilities planners offer services in commercial office, hospitality, residential and senior-living environments. The group provides fully integrated interior services, working in tandem with the architecture team or independently for the client.

Niki Possas - Principal, Managing Director and Principal in Charge

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