Take a look at the complete list of interior architecture services that DFDia offers.

Interior Arcitecture FAQs

We don’t know what our future space needs will be. Can you help us with that?
DFDia will help you determine how much space your company will need and exactly how to effectively design it. Items we assess include current and future staff counts, department proximities and culture. The information we gather is assembled into a space occupancy program, which identifies critical criteria you must consider in order to make educated decisions about your new lease.

Will I need to hire an architect?
No. DFDia enjoys a symbiotic relationship with its affiliate DFD CornoyerHedrick, a Phoenix-based, multi-disciplinary architectural firm. An impressive 30 percent of the 85 architects on staff are registered in Arizona and the majority of other states.

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At what point should I hire a general contractor?
We advocate hiring a general contractor during the design process. A contractor is an integral part of the team and helpful in budgeting. If you need a recommendation, we’ll be happy to provide you with some choices.

Will you help me with furniture selection?
DFDia works closely with all major furniture dealers and provides services ranging from coordination with a dealer of your choice to furniture selection/specifications and bidding assistance.

What are your fees?
Our fees are industry competitive and generally based on the complexity, scope and size of the project. To inquire about fees for specific services, feel free to call us at (480) 638-1300.  

How long does the design process take from start to move-in?
Generally, for anything under 50,000 square feet, the following time estimates apply:

Programming: 2-3 weeks; SD: 4 weeks; DD: 4 weeks; CD’s: 6 weeks. Construction time will vary depending on the complexity of the project but 14 to 16 weeks is a good benchmark.

Keep in mind that plan review times vary from municipality to municipality. Check with your city for exact time estimates, but it’s safe to presume you’ll be waiting 30-45 days for first review. DFDia will coordinate with you to establish deadlines and prepare a project schedule for review.

Can you help with my move coordination?
Absolutely. DFDia has a staff of interior designers with years of move-management experience. We take care of schedules, moving company bid solicitations and interviews, moving plans, staff coordination … we handle just about everything, making your move as painless as possible.

Will I need any other consultants?
You’ll definitely need the services of a licensed engineer for electrical, mechanical and plumbing. In addition, it’s not uncommon to enlist the services of a structural engineer (for instance, if you have a communicating stair between two floors), a lighting designer (if you we are designing a restaurant or other facility in need of theatrical lighting), a kitchen consultant, etc. The costs associated with consultancy can be included in our service fees.