Facilities Planning Move Coordination

DFDia's professional staff is your move management solution. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we offer the services to seamlessly move your office space:

  • Establish and monitor move/phasing schedule
  • Chair move coordination meetings with project team
  • Provide move instructions to end users
  • Provide move-out and move-in plans with numbering system
  • Review move vendor bids or pricing quotes
  • Provide for the move coordination of personnel, belongings and equipment
  • Coordination with client’s network/voice/data move requirements
  • Tag the move-in work station, offices and support rooms to coordinate with plans/schedule
  • Supervise the move from all move-out locations to move-in locations
  • Conduct post-move walkthrough with move vendor in the vacated and new locations
  • Conduct a post-move meeting and generate a move punch list
  • Coordinate and confirm that move punch list items are completed in a timely manner