Facilities Planning

People. Environment. Technology.

An efficiently designed corporate facility demands a great amount of care and attention, whether it’s a 6,000-square-foot medical clinic or a 200,000-square-foot office building. The proper integration of people and technology into any environment requires a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve maximum functionality.

Wells Fargo

DFDia's Facilities Planning and Management group, based in Phoenix, AZ, provides a diverse collection of architectural services to ensure an organized and smooth interior installation, consolidation, move or ongoing management of clients’ spaces. Our team works tirelessly with you to determine timelines, facility needs specific to the organization, budgeting and overall project analysis.

Our team of dedicated interior design professionals ensures maximum efficiency throughout the entire process of creating or moving to a new corporate home. From inception of move management, including coordination of schedules and preparation of related documentation, to relocation of vendors and A/V and technology systems, to space planning and interior design, our experienced team coordinates all aspects of the process. 

Facilities planning and management services include:

  • Detailed project management for MAC (moves, adds, changes) or construction undertakings
  • Furniture drawings and coordination of on-site installation
  • In-depth schedule coordination (single- multi-phased)
  • Occupancy tracking for charge-back or database purposes
  • Budget analysis
  • Strategic planning utilizing computer-aided, facilities management (CAFM) software
  • Occupancy updates

Denise Nelke - Principal

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